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When Working with Contractor Personnel on a Non-Personal

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DETERMINE APPROPRIATE EVALUATION FACTORS/CRITERIA: The two techniques used to select a contractor in the best value continuum include: x Lowest price and best value x Best price and lowest technical proposal LIST THE CONTENTS OF A QUALITY ASSURANCE MONITORING PLAN (QSAP)/PERFORMANCE EVALUATION PLAN (PAP): A quality assurance monitoring plan is included in the contractor`s proposal and is approved by the accepted government. . FALSE IDENTIFY REQUIREMENTS FOR THE CONTROL AND DISPOSAL OF GOVERNMENT-SUPPLIED OR LEASED ASSETS: DISCUSS CONTRACTOR`S EQUIPMENT INVENTORY REQUIREMENTS: Government policy requires contractors to provide all of their own general purpose equipment. However, on a base or facility, or in an emergency contract environment, the equipment may be liable under the contract as government property. . RECOGNIZE MARC`S ROLE IN THE OVERALL STRATEGIC PLANNING OF AN ACQUISITION: The existing contract, including all options, is about to expire. The client likes the work of the incumbent contractor and has expressed a desire for the new contract to be awarded to this established contractor. Which of the following statements is true?. The CoR can assist in procurement planning and the preparation of evaluation criteria to ensure that the best contractor is selected for the new contract.

IN THE CASE OF A CONTRACTUAL ACTION, THE DELEGATED TECHNICAL FUNCTIONS FOR WHICH THE RDC IS RESPONSIBLE MUST BE INDICATED: VERIFY THAT THE GOVERNMENTAL OBLIGATIONS CONTAINED IN THE CONTRACT HAVE BEEN FULFILLED:After the contract is awarded, the post-award conference is a good place to ensure that the government and the contractor have a common understanding of the contractual requirements. . FALSE IDENTIFY THE MOST IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS FOR TIMELY VERIFICATION AND PAYMENT OF INVOICES: DETERMINE THE STEPS TO VERIFY THE ACCURACY AND VALIDITY OF THE CONTRACTOR`S PROVISIONAL INVOICES UNDER THE COST/T&M/LH CONTRACTS: In the context of a refund, deadline and material or hourly contract that is INCORRECT to any of the following statements: The CoR should inform the contractor without delay if a discrepancy is found in a public document/invoice. RECOGNISE THE BASIC INFORMATION (DURATION OF PERFORMANCE, PWS, CONTRACT VALUE) CONTAINED IN A CONTRACT IN SUCH A WAY THAT IT CONTAINS THE UNIFORM MODEL OF THE CONTRACT:The CoR should be familiar with all of the following areas of a contract:. all of these statements are accurate (6) The inherent nature of the Service or the manner in which it is provided reasonably requires, directly or indirectly, that the government order or monitor the Contractor`s employees to – IDENTIFY HOW POTENTIAL ORGANIZATIONAL CONFLICTS OF INTEREST MAY AFFECT THE MANAGEMENT OF CONTRACTS: There are numerous legal and regulatory prohibitions on the conduct of procurement personnel, acting in an official capacity. Choose from the following the correct statement of one of these prohibitions: The participation of a public servant in matters in which he has a financial interest is prohibited. IDENTIFY THE CONTRACTOR`S OBLIGATION TO CLARIFY TECHNICALLY WITHOUT CREATING AN UNAUTHORIZED OBLIGATION OR CONSTRUCTIVE MODIFICATION OF THE CONTRACT:John, the CoR of a service contract, has entered into an unauthorized commitment by authorizing the contractor to provide services that do not fall within the scope of the contract. Choose the actual statement from the following options: A contracting officer may ratify an unauthorized obligation if the government has received a benefit, if prices have been set as fair and reasonable, and if legal counsel agrees. RECOGNIZE THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF FUNDS AND TAX CONTROLS APPLIED TO CONTRACTS:Most of the annual demand for supplies and services is financed by supply funds:. FALSE IDENTIFY REQUIREMENTS FOR THE CONTROL AND DISPOSITION OF GOVERNMENT-SUPPLIED OR LEASED ASSETS: DISCUSS CONTRACTOR`S EQUIPMENT INVENTORY REQUIREMENTS: The Policy on Government Assets in FAR 45.102 is intended to reduce government risk by providing assets to the contractor. Select the FALSE statement of the strategy for providing government goods to contractors.

. The contractor`s staff must provide a certificate attesting that they have been trained in the proper use and maintenance of the property. ANALYZE AUDIT CLAUSES FOR FIXED AND REIMBURSEMENT CONTRACTS USED IN CONSTRUCTION: In construction, “divergent site conditions” are defined as known conditions on the site that the contractor missed during on-site inspections and did not read in the contract. FALSE DESCRIBE A CORS` RESPONSIBILITIES IN TESTING AND ACCEPTING SUPPLIES AND SERVICES: IDENTIFY DOCUMENTATION REQUIREMENTS DURING INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE:If the Contractor delivers a non-compliant item or service, the _____ IDENTIFY CONTRACT EXPENSES, FUNDING ISSUES, OVERRUNS, TRAVEL REQUESTS AND OVERTIME DISCUSSED WITH THE CONTRACTOR: The client`s representative has the authority to approve the contractor`s overtime requests. . false 37,600 Scope of subsection This subsection describes policies and procedures for purchasing services using performance-based collection methods. 37.601 General. (a) Calls may use either a declaration of performance or a declaration of objectives (see 37.602).

b) Performance-based service contracts must include: (1) a Performance Statement of Work (PWS); (2) measurable performance standards (i.e., quality, timeliness, quantity, etc.) and method of evaluating the contractor`s performance against performance standards; and (3) performance incentives, where applicable. When used, performance incentives must meet the performance standards set out in the contract (see 16.402-2). .

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